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Lime Spreader for fields and pastures. We have a 5 ton capacity spreader for use with a hydraulic system tractor. This is a low profile pull type spreader with a ground wheel driven mesh chain conveyor belt. We also have a list of available sources for lime.

Stop by and see us at the office located at 1035 C Wayne Road in Savannah, Tennessee or call 731.412-3104 or 731.412.3106 if you have any questions.

1 day- $125.00

2 day- $250.00

$300 Weekend Rental- 3 day Fri, Sat, Sun. to be returned Monday morning at opening of business

@ 8am. DO NOT leave the Lime Spreader during closed hours. You will not receive your deposit back.

An employee must lock the equipment, inspect and sign off when the equipment is returned.

Want to Reserve this Equipment? Call (731)412-3104

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